School counselors support the educational, career, personal, and social development of all students through the four school counseling program service delivery components of Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support (TEC §33.005).
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Staff Professional Development

The At-Risk Code Information is kept on the TSDS site. Look under the Data Components for Element ID E0919. The most recent update occurred on 10/15/21. Click here to go right to the information (but always check the year in the top right hand corner of the site to ensure you have the most up to date information. 

Legal Reference: At-Risk Indicators Code

State Compensatory Education
State Compensatory Education FAQ (2021)
Pregnancy Related Services

The TSDS site linked below provide guidance on how we label the information we send to the state. After you have chosen the appropriate year, use the tabs to look at the data components and the code tables. 

Code Tables to Review: C022; C062; C142; C162; C189; C192; C196; C214; C227; C232; C233

Texas Student Data System

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