School counselors support the educational, career, personal, and social development of all students through the four school counseling program service delivery components of Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support (TEC §33.005).
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Communities Free From Human Trafficking
TEA-Human Trafficking of School-aged Children
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Human Trafficking Hotline
Polaris Project
Texas Office of the Attorney General

Signage Requirements (new in 2022) 

No Human Trafficking Signage pertaining to the criminal offenses of human trafficking is now available. TEA has three sample signs below (based on location) that the LEA may be used directly or as a template for local development.

No Human Trafficking Signage in English and Spanish (Color Block) 8x11 | 11x17

No Human Trafficking Signage in English and Spanish (General Street) 8x11 | 11x17

No Human Trafficking Signage in English and Spanish (Perimeter) 12x18

Each school shall post warning signs at the following locations:

(1) parallel to and along the exterior boundaries of the school's premises;

(2) at each roadway or way of access to the premises;

(3) for premises not fenced, at least every five hundred feet along the exterior boundaries of the premises;

(4) at each entrance to the premises and building, and;

(5) at conspicuous places reasonably likely to be viewed by all persons entering the premises.

Mental Health Resource Site (UISD--English and Spanish materials) 

Mental Health Canvas Course (MISD) 

Substance Use Canvas Course (MISD) 

Ask an Expert Series (LISD) 

Whole Child Series (LISD) 

Parent Guide to Resilience (Why Try Video Series) 

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